I’ve been pondering the peculiar situation that I find myself of late. My life was a tad turned upside down last year, but thankfully things are now swimming along. However, during the afore mentioned period of upside downness, my sewing kind of went by the wayside. I was just too emotional or too distracted to sew, not to mention too in love with the blessed wine! But though life has settled somewhat, I’ve somehow managed not to make it back into the sewing room just yet.

That’s not to say I haven’t physically been in here of course! Oh no! I’ve spent plenty of time in here, tidying my desk, rearranging the shelves, sorting my fabric piles, making sure the rest of the room is always kept tidy – since I share the room with our wardrobe rack. I’ve even taken down my inspiration board and the multitude of blu-tacked images and posters, sorted through them, thrown away the old or no longer inspiring to make room for new inspiration. I’ve gathered the last 6 months of Frankie magazines and other such tomes and spent hours flicking through and cutting out gorgeous and interesting images to go up on my newly inspired inspiration board and newly tacked, blu-tacked wall. I’ve spent oodles of time creating a blog (this one), thinking about what else I’ll need, reinvigorating my etsy shop (which I haven’t got to yet) and getting my husband sorted with making sure he gets my newly branded business cards printed.

All of this is quite hilarious of course because do you think for a moment in any of this flurry of activity that I have actually done any sewing??? Hmmmm… let me think…um….NO!  What the? How is that possible I ask myself. I walk around with the guilt of knowing that I haven’t launched back into my favourite past time yet. After all these months. I become confused and bewildered that maybe I don’t …..gulp….love sewing anymore!!!!  Maybe that’s why I keep skirting around the issue. Filling up the space with sewing related activity instead to make myself feel like I really do like sewing….

But, once the ridiculous guilt and dramatic lamentitude have passed and I have a moment to think clearly, I realise it’s because my life went through such a dramatic change last year, that although my sewing table and sewing tools are still here, things seem different. Sometimes, maybe, you need to take time off from what you love, give it room to breathe and see if it will survive on it’s own. My love of sewing is still here, that’s for sure, but I think I just haven’t found the right headspace to make room for it yet. And that’s ok. I don’t know what will happen exactly, but I’m pretty sure my sewing machine and I will make up pretty damn soon.