When I said I’d post a photo of the new purse I finished, I didn’t think I would be posting a photo of it a month later!  Sorry peeps, it’s been a crazy few weeks in the Ginger & Lash household. If only I could quit my day job and spend my days sewing.

Anyhoo, back to the purse. So this is a pattern from “Michelle Patterns”, that I’ve adapted slightly. I’ve added credit card pockets in the main front zip section (pink zip) and then I added what I like to call, a secret pocket!, in the other section (the orange zip).

I’ve made quite a few of these now, but this is the first one that I’ve put the adjustments in and I think I like it!

If you like the appliques, that’s Alexander Henry fabric from the Folklorico collection.

Ok, well I guess I’ll see you in another 4 weeks – man, this blogging stuff is hard work!